Our Mission Statement

We're For Champagne & Equality!

Welcome to Rainbow Hens! You have come to the right place to make sure your LGBTQI Hen has the celebration send-off they deserve – glasses of bubbly, an amazing night and most of all, equality!

Rainbow Hens is a long-cherished dream that we are so proud to announce is now open for business! With over 7 years in the making, we hope to bring our trademark classy and exciting Hens Party Packages to the LGBTQI community to share the love and celebrate the joy of couples coming together!

Through our flagship brand My Ultimate Hens, we have been planning celebrations for Same-Sex Hens for many years and have planned thousands of Hens Parties for our VIP’s no matter who they love! My Ultimate Rainbow Hens is the perfect way to provide a party planning service for the LGBTQI community without fear of rejection or unpleasant experiences – we have worked hard to find an extensive collection of like-minded professionals to manage our Restaurants, Night Clubs, Function Spaces and so much more!

Our Rainbow Hens Packages are designed to be the best mix of simple classic celebrations that are tried and tested as well as our unique personalised Hens Packages that our in-house Hens Party Gurus can create for just your group. Our packages are designed to be all-inclusive and can cater to those who would like some eye candy in the form of Hot Guys & Sexy Gals as well as some just brilliant celebrations with our Adventure, Experience & Weekend packages too!

A Hens Party is the perfect opportunity to shower your Hen with the Love, Sparkle & Happiness they so richly deserve! This final fling before the ring can be anything you want it to be! Consider this a shout out to the Savvy Besties, Groomaids, Groomsman, Bridesmen, Maid of Honours, Bridesmaids & Man of Honours – we are here to make sure your Hen has the celebration send-off they will remember with a smile long after their wedding day!

Just like every Hens Party is different, so too are the guests of honour – sometimes it’s all about one Hen partying with all the limelight, sometimes it’s a couple who both want to share this special party with all their friends together and sometimes it can be fun to have a little mystery with separate activities that come together later on the dancefloor, whichever soirée you are planning, we’ve got you covered with our magical Hens party packages! No matter who you are, what you plan, who you love or why you’re celebrating, we love parties and our packages show that passion! We can’t wait to help you celebrate soon – clink clink!